Born in 1945.Bolton,Lancashire,England.

Studied at Bolton College of Art,Birmingham College of Art and Hornsey College of Art.


I have taught Art in three London secondary schools in a career spanning over 40 years


Art is the end product of visual sensations,

experiences and interaction with materials

that reveal an individual's interests and  obsessions.


 I paint about the world that surrounds me.The urban environment is a strong source of inspiration for me because of the contrasts of old and new architectural features that jostle for prominence in London where I live.


I take photographs as a support for my paintings made in the studio and also as a form of expression in their  own right.


I follow the work of several artists who set a fine example of  the tradition of urban and pleine aire painting. Ken Howard RA is a key role model and I very much enjoy the work of Peter Brown and David Atkins.  Such artists tackle the visual world head-on and craft individual bodies of work which are exciting and challenging.






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Phil Tootell.Painting and Photography

PhilTootell.Painting and Photography

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